Ah Summer. Long days and warm nights. Clear skies and the kiss of dew on the grass in the mornings. Children happily screeching and beach carparks filled to capacity. Between bowls and beach breaks we find Margaux and friends flitting along the Basque coastline. She explains:

"So basically this grom from California, Grant Noble came to spend a few days in Biarritz and Paris for his first trip in Europe. He is a grom I know from surfing Blackies in California. As he is in the RVCA surf team aswell, I gathered little Jules Lepecheux and my friend from FWRD productions to film some parts of the weekend showing Grant around our surf spots and filming them skating. The video was filmed entirely on mini dv vhs. We showed him as much as we could in two days and got some little sunny waves along the way for his first surf in the Atlantic Ocean."

More from Margaux and FWRD here: https://vimeo.com/fwrd