One of the great virtues of being involved with this group of people is the collective connections that come and the spiderweb of friendships more closely intertwined as a result of hanging out together. When we convened in the highlands earlier this year, it was inevitable that we would each inherit new friendships. James Aiken decided to jump a ride with Bowds from his mooring in Oban and traveled the last few hundred miles on wheels. He brought with him an eclectic quiver, an abundance of enthusiasm and a distinctly un-european tan. We spent a week in close proximity and it became increasingly obvious that there was a lot more to the man than his easy, carefree attitude might indicate. Hands that suggest hard work and a craftiness in stark contrast to the more abstract creativity required to piece together the beautiful films of his past and present. A dedication not only to his films but also his mistress, a 33ft yacht. This is the first in a series of films that will document James' life aboard his home travelling in the North Atlantic. The rigours of everyday life portrayed in a way that seizes your attention for the duration, a rarity in online video these days.