Terry Fitzgerald, the Sultan of Speed, was a surfer who defined grace, innovation and daring. It was fitting that it was Fitz’s son Joel who surfed in the Ireland section of Andrew Kidman’s 1995 surf odyssey Litmus. Twenty years on, Joel Fitzgerald’s gun reappeared and found its way to Fergal Smith, who took it for a surf under the cliffs.

Yeah I shot Litmus and that one of Joel from the water near Bundoran. It has taken me many years of therapy to purge from my mind those days with Kidman but some memories linger, clear as peat. We ended up strangling each other in the gutter outside The Bridge one Saturday night at midnight. I couldn't swallow for days after my neck was so bruised. Good times. The day Joel surfed that left there was no one else around. Actually there was never anyone there in those days, just a few damp cows. I heard there are many houses there now. It was gusty and cold and the swell was pulsing. Getting off the rocks was pretty sketchy, Joel jumped out first but it took me a while longer with the big housing and all that whitewater. He surfed for an hour or so and got a few wild ones, then after that bomb we both got smashed and washed into the rocks. Those months in Ireland were special. That landscape. That unconquerable sea. And most importantly, the heartfelt warmth and laughs from the Irish people who became our family, whom we loved like blood, and whom I haven't seen in the twenty years since - Jon Frank

I cannot believe it is still in good condition and being surfed again after twenty years. Mick Manolas shaped that board, it was a 6'8 vee bottom and it went incredible. I surfed it in Tahiti and through Europe, Ireland in 1995. The story as it goes. I got really drunk in the pub one night in Bundoran and without a penny in my pocket I gave it to the chap sitting next to me for a pint of Guinness. How stupid! I have pretty fond memories of that board as it gave me quite the ride or two, and it will reach a pretty penny I am sure at auction. I will buy it back for two beers of course. Love to come back out there this year September October and see some old friends and surf those giant stormy seas one more time - Joel Fitzgerald