An upcoming film set to light the cold water surf exploration bug deep in your stomach, Perilous Sea chronicles a trans-continental odyssey to document the waves that lash these coastlines. Director and Co-Director, Ryan Meichtry and Mike Bromley chat Perilous Sea.

Tell us a bit about the film?

RM - Perilous Sea is a cold water surf film based strictly in the North Atlantic. That's the general idea of the film but to go a little deeper, it's a fisherman's tale. Our narrator is a salty old fisherman, he's lived and experienced almost everything the North Atlantic has to offer and our surfers provide the visual aspect to his story.

MB - We wanted to create a film that takes place in the North Atlantic but didn't just have beautiful scenery. We wanted the surf action to stand up to whats going on around the world right now.

How was the creative process from original idea to finished product? Did it turn out the way you had planned?

RM - Surprisingly, we stuck with the original idea of an old man of the sea narrating our surfers journey. We probably had a hundred different ideas for variations but there was always going to be an old crusty guy telling the story.

MB - As Ryan said, surprisingly it all turned out pretty much as planned haha. Things changed a bit but we managed to stick to the original plan.

How did you choose the locations for the film?

RM - Well, we originally were only going to film in Iceland. Mike convinced me that it was the easiest place to score but after three weeks of non stop storms and un-surfable condition we both started to get pretty nervous. It was decided then that we would add a couple locations. Nova Scotia because Mike's from there and we really wanted to try and get the crew into some heavier water, Ireland is a perfect place for this.

MB - Yea, to be honest, the movie was maybe only going to take place in Iceland. But after a cursed trip we had to extend. Nova Scotia was an obvious choice and we needed some tube time for the boys, so of course Ireland was the perfect fit.

Being a Nova Scotia native, surfing in cold water is fairly normal for you but have you noticed a resurgence in cold water surfing in recent years? What would you attribute that too?

MB - I blame it all on the wetsuit haha. But seriously, as you guys know at Backwash, that technology has changed everything. People cane blame it on surf films, mags and social media, I am sure it has a bit to do with it, but the fact that you can virtually surf anywhere in the world now because of wetsuit technology isn't holding anyone back. There is a lot of coastline out there and no matter if its freezing or tropical, its cool it now can all be explored.

Any particular maritime novels about the North Atlantic that are driving the inspiration for the film?

RM - There's not one particular novel that we garnered our inspiration from. It's a culmination of old folklore, classic novels, and fishing manuscripts. Regardless of where the inspiration was coming from there was always a recurring theme, the perils of the sea.

MB - As Ryan said, we got ideas from a lot of different sources. Just growing up in Nova Scotia, some local gentleman and local folklore were as much an inspiration as the far flung novels and articles we were researching.

Where can we catch the premiere’s of the film?

MB - We had two premieres in Canada already and are set up for a few in the fall throughout North America and hopefully Europe. Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Santa Cruz, Florida and a few others are all in the works.

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