It’s that time of year again, when the London Surf Film Festival casts its net to the farthest reaches of the British and Irish Isles in search of the year's best local films. Submission for the Shorties film competition are open online HERE and offer a chance for homegrown talent to gain an audience on an international scale. Backwash's own purveyor of snooze and king of crisps, Chris McClean too the gong in 2011 with what was and still is a timeless piece of storytelling with ‘Uncommon Ideals’.

From event organiser Demi Taylor:

“We established The Shorties to give emerging and established surf filmmakers from Britain and Ireland a platform on the world stage.“ says London Surf / Film Festival Director Demi Taylor. “While the main festival is open to all The Shorties is exclusively about shining a spotlight on the wealth of creative talent on our shores.“

Until 10th September filmmakers from or based in Britain and Ireland are invited to submit their short films of up to 5 minutes in length that explore any aspect or angle of surfing through documentary, comedy, action, arthouse, animation or anything in between. It’s not about whether your waves are big or small, it’s about the way you chose to shoot them. Or don’t. After all there’s more than one way to tell a surf story.

“It’s a testament to quality of filmmaking on show that each year the winning Shortie has gone on to make an impact on both a national and global level, including 2011 winner ‘Uncommon Ideals’ by Chris McClean, ‘The Shaper‘ from Crayfish Films, ‘Sea Fever’ by Tim Davies, ‘Out of the Black and Into The Blue’ by Luke Pilbeam, Winter Glow from Kev L Smith and last year’s winning short ‘Call Me Peg Leg’ from Mattr. Media which explored the world of adaptive surfer Rik Peg Leg Bennett.”

Shortlisted films will be showcased on the big screen this October as part of the 2017 London Surf / Film Festival x REEF programme. They will also be considered by the screening panel, comprised of some of the most influential names in surfing, for awards including LS/FF Shortie of the Year, Best British Film and Emerging Talent.

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