For those outside the European surf sphere, it may come as some surprise that Germany has one of the fastest growing surf cultures in the world and among those doing great things are the guys from This short grabbed our attention a while back from the cold shores of Scotland and Felix Gänsicke (it's creator) explained how this originally discarded test short came about...

"Actually we made a trip to Scotland in January together with Jonas, Finn, Dan and Benny a bunch of German surfers. Dan and I run Binsurfen together with two other friends. Basically a collective that goes surfing together and loves to create creative shit. So I am a filmmaker and I just got my first anamorphic lens that I wanted to try out during this trip. It is an old projection lens and incredibly huge and heavy. So I filmed a bit and did some more watershots (without anamorphics). In the end I put together this clip rapidly. Personally I thought it did not really have a good flow and left if on my harddisk since February as it was more a lenstest anyways and did not have any story to it. Now I watched it again and thought: alright, maybe someone else wants to see it. And if it was only for the featured surfer's sake."

A test maybe, but a brilliant and captivating one at that.

Cover photo by Dan Petermann. Find more of the Binsurfen crew's work here: