Kimi Werner is a professional freediver and one of the most decorated spearfishers in the world. She has dived all five of the planet’s oceans and is able to dive deeper than 150 feet on a single breath – which she is able to hold for almost five minutes.

The She’s Mercedes team met the spearfishing champion in Oahu, Hawaii. From her home, Kimi takes the viewer on a ride through the island – an intense and tough journey towards herself: For ‘She’s Mercedes’, the former U.S. national spearfishing champion unveiled the process of following her own expectations and listening to her inner voice in a world of competitions. Find out how the Hawaiian local hero managed to find that sense of belonging she has been missing for so long – one that she could only find within herself.

“Trust yourself! Listen to that inner voice! She knows what she wants. Sometimes the expectations of society cause us to silence our inner guidance but our intuition and natural instincts are the best guides we have and we need to honor them more, even if it sets us apart from the norm.” – Kimi Werner.

She’s Mercedes is a platform dedicated to inspiring, connecting and empowering women to unleash their best. However, unleashing the best and being successful isn't necessarily connected with true happiness and finding the right place in life. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to truly find your inner sense of belonging and also defeats, failure and new beginnings are part of this journey. We speak about the challenges and ups and downs of women’s careers and personal life, as well as their personal achievements, mistakes, fears and goals.

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