After surging to the forefront of the up-and-coming big-wave youth, Natxo Gonzalez has seemingly altered his path in the surfing arena. Partially deferring from the Big Wave World Tour and under the tuition of longtime wanderer, Kepa Acero, the last few years have seen him shift his attention from chasing "doom" to chasing the "dream". You can't help but love the Basque enthusiasm and through Jon Bakio's lens, the two portray a raw excitement and adventure thats sure to have you trawling google earth.

From Natxo:

"It was a long time dream to find an epic wave, like my really close friend Kepa Acero," Natxo says. "Kepa has always motivated me with his work and since I was a kid, and because of him, I've never stopped searching.
Four years ago, I found a place where I thought there could be one of the best waves in the world. For years, I had been studying the conditions of this place; I wanted to know how swell worked there. I saw a really massive, long-period swell on the forecast that I thought could be perfect for this place. I called my good friend and filmer, Jon Aspuru, and we just went. What we found was a perfect right hander running along a super long sandbar with no one around, really crazy..."