27 Frames

Last Thursday night IDOEK held an event that capped off a year long project, the 27 Frames art show and silent auction celebrated the work of 30 different photographers who they sent disposable cameras to, and featured the best images in their rolls of film. That is definitely an over-simplification of the show and the project though. All those little disposable cameras they sent out covered a lot of ground — they went everywhere. From Hawaii, New York, all over California, Canada, Iceland, Russia, South America, Mexico, Africa, Asia, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Tahiti, the Caribbean, Australia, Greece, Fiji, the Northeast, Pacific Northwest to the Colorado Rockies. They saw the world and it was no easy task to get all the cameras back to us. Some were lost along the way, but every time one of the cameras found it’s way back to our studio in Los Angeles it was like getting a present in the mail and we couldn’t wait to see where it had been. That said, we had a blast curating what we considered to be the best 88 images of the project. Last Thursday night, those images filled the walls of Think Tank Gallery in downtown Los Angeles and were auctioned off with 100% of sales donated to Surfrider Foundation. Raising almost $15,000 in the process.

In case you missed the show, check out this little video recap by Brent Miller and party pics by Alex Taman. And if you missed the 27 Frames series, check it out here: http://www.indoek.com/archives/series/27-frames